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1. Registration Conditions

After you fill out the registration form and make the payment, your name will appear on the participant list. If you have entered incorrect information, you can have it corrected by sending an e-mail.

The deadline for registration is Sunday, April 7, 2024. Registration will not be accepted after this date or at the event area. Registrations may close at an earlier date when the quota is full.


Early registration: 250 ₺ between 1 January - 31 January

Late registration  : Between 1 February – 7 April  400₺

IMPORTANT: If participants cannot attend the events for any reason (work, health, etc.), no refund will be made. Registration fees may be transferred to another event  or not transferred to the person.

Athlete Kit: All participants will receive a chip number and a commemorative t-shirt. The kits will be given to each participant upon presentation of their ID and signature. Kit distribution will be held in sports stores on 9-10-11 April and in the event area on 13 April. There will be absolutely no kit distribution on Sunday, April 14th. No rights can be claimed for kits not received by the specified dates.

2. Category and Awards

A. Individual Categories:

Categories will be made in the following groups for men and women. Masters (from 35 years of age) birthday is taken as basis in determining the age group. Identity card check will be made to verify age.

  • Senior general classification (all ages 20+)

  • Age groups (35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+)


B. Company Teams:

It is a separate team classification designed only for companies.

There must be at least 1 runner of the opposite gender in the team (female + male mixed team)

Teams must register with lists of at least 6 people. Companies with more runners can form A-B-C... teams.

In order to take part in the team,It is mandatory to be a payroll employee of the relevant company.

Again, the individual registration form must be filled out and an e-mail must be sent informing who is on which team.

The team's total time is determined by adding up the finishing times of the team's 4 leading runners.

If the teams wish, they will be given their own paid rest-gathering area in the field. They can be deployed in this area with a branded 3x3 meter portable gazebo and a maximum of 2 flags. Field rent and gazebo-flag rentPlease send an e-mail for llama prices.



All participants receive a commemorative t-shirt.

All runners who complete within the time limit will receive a commemorative medal.

The top three places in the general category receive trophies and the top 10 places receive cash awards.

The top three trophies in the age group are awarded.

Trophies are awarded to the top three teams in the company teams category.

Cash reward for track record

Cash reward for Türkiye's record

Cash prize for world record

Additionally, if there are sponsor awards, they will be announced later.

No payments will be made to athletes other than the cash prizes explained below.

General classification cash prizes are for all agespsar.

Masters also take to the podium in their age group rankings. Different requests are not evaluated. 

General Classification Cash Prizes (USD)

Woman        Male

 1. 7000     7000

 2. 5000     5000

 3. 3000     3000

 4. 2000     2000

 5. 1000     1000

 6.  500      500

 7.  500      500

 8.  500      500

 9.  500      500

10. 500      500

Special Categories (women/men)

World record 5000 USD

Track record: 3000 USD

Türkiye record is 1500 USD

3. Rules and Reminders

* All participants must be over 18 years of age.
* Registrations that are approved by filling out the registration form and paying the fee are published in the "participants" list. If there will be any changes to your information on the list, please send an e-mail.
* You must have your identity card with you. Kit delivery and age classification will be made accordingly.
* Going outside the course is a cause for disqualification. There will be directions, referee checkpoints and video recording on the course.
* Numbers will be delivered after identity check and signature. You should not enter the track without a number. The numbers given must be worn as instructed. If your number cannot be recorded at the checkpoints or at the finish, you will not be able to enter the rankings.
* It is the responsibility of the participants to comply with general traffic, property and safety rules. Areas outside the track should not be entered. The participant is responsible for legal problems that may arise from rule violations, the organization cannot be held responsible.

* The weather may change depending on the season. The weather conditions should be followed and appropriate clothes should be chosen.

* The use of GPS wristwatches is free. Headphones, music listening devices, etc. are strictly prohibited.

*The competition will be held in accordance with the Athletics Federation and IAAF competition rules and is open to all runners of local and foreign nationality.

* Participants acknowledge that they have the right to send e-mails and text messages to inform their organization. The distribution right of the competition results belongs to the organization. Your personal information is not shared with third parties.

* The rights of the images taken during the competition belong to the organization, no rights can be claimed.

* FountainThose who leave the race for various reasons must come to a checkpoint or the finish area if nearby. These competitors are back on the course  They cannot enter, they cannot exit, they cannot help other contestants.

* All awards will be given in order at the ceremony, there will be no special application for those who want to leave early. Participants who cannot attend the ceremony must leave a companion in their place. Rewards will not be delivered later. We kindly request that you participate in the organization as a whole to honor the award recipients and supporters.
* If participants cannot attend the events for any reason (work, family, health, etc.), no refund will be made. Registration fees are not transferred to another event or person.
* There may be changes in the track and program due to force majeure. Participants are obliged to comply with the new regulation and cannot make contrary claims or demands.
* You can appeal to the event directorate within 15 minutes after the interim results are published, with an objection fee of 250 TL and a petition. If the objection is accepted, the objection fee is refunded and the results are revised by making the necessary corrections. later or
Any objections raised are invalid.
* All participants are deemed to have read and known these rules and are deemed to have registered.

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