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Run 10 km 

Track length: 10 km

Elevation gain: 3 m

Maximum height: 6m

Number of checkpoints: 2

Track time limit: 2 hours

It is a track prepared for runners who will experience 10km for the first time or distance runners who want to test their best 10km time.


Another important factor that affects performance as much as training is the choice of material. Physical characteristics, training level, choice of materials specific to the track to be run and weather conditions have a serious impact on performance. While the right materials will provide a comfortable racing environment, they will also allow you to complete the course in a healthy way. 


The entire race will be run on an asphalt surface and a flat track. You will not be required to carry any additional mandatory equipment other than the chip chest number placed visibly at chest level. By following the weather conditions, appropriate clothing and the asphalt running shoes you are used to will be sufficient.


There is 1 water and 2 cooling (sponge) points on the track. 3 ambulances will be available in the event area and on the track. 


*The list will appear here when registrations are opened.

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