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Do not delay in booking your place for a weekend getaway filled with sports in the peaceful atmosphere of Sakintepe. For a limited number of accommodation options, you can call Sakintepe.

For our participants who want to camp, tent accommodation will be offered exclusively for the BolXtreme event. You must bring all your equipment with you for tent accommodation. There is no electricity to the tents. Shower and toilet services are available.  

Reservation tel: +90 530 640 3271

1 Meşe Dağ Evi.jpg

#1 Oak Chalet

4 Ardıç Dağ Evi.jpg

#4 Juniper Chalet

7 Alıç Ağaç Evi.jpg

#7 Hawthorn Tree House

10 Karaçam Evi.jpg

#10 Larch House

2 Kestane Dağ Evi.jpg

#2 Chestnut Chalet

5 Köknar Dağ Evi.jpg

#5 Fir Chalet

8 Ladin Evi.jpg

#8 Spruce House


#11 Tent Accommodation
*Reservations are required.

3 Ceviz Dağ Evi.jpg

#3 Walnut Chalet

6 Dişbudak Dağ Evi.jpg

#6 Ash Chalet

9 Akçaağaç Evi.jpg

#9 Maple House

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